New Beginnings.

•August 29, 2012 • Leave a Comment

I’ve been out of uni for some three years now and have constantly been dabbling my hand in the ceramics pond to little or no avail. It has been tough, how do you give something that requires so much time and attention only a little and expect it to give back? I don’t know but I think it is nigh on impossible!

I’ve been working hospitality for 6 years now and at times in 2 jobs at a time, while I was at uni it was ok because I was at uni and that took priority but I think it changes when uni finishes and someone starts offering you money after not having any for so long!

So after gradually becoming disillusioned with hospitality because let’s face it; it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I’m taking the plunge and actually giving this thing a solid shot…

No more waist deep kiddy paddle-pooling boys and girls. Big kids pool and down in the deep end too.

I have a kiln and almost an entire studio worth of equipment waiting for me to pick it up and bring it home from Victor Harbour. Then it will be the slow studio set up and then perhaps the making of some ceramics 🙂

So, here’s to the long road ahead…